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Legal Services

Allgaier, Jušta & Partner s.r.o. is an international law firm offering both consultancy services and solutions in legal matters -- within the scope of Czech and German, as well as EU law. Beside the below-mentioned fields, we are also able to offer you our services in other areas of German and Czech law.

Fields of practice:

  • commercial law - A standard activity of our office is legal advice and services in the area of general commercial, corporate and contract practice, namely drafting of commercial contracts according to Czech and German law.
  • company/corporate law - Our office has large experience in the area of corporate law, namely founding companies and the transformation of their legal forms, cooperation with a notary and the Commercial Register as well as trade licensing procedures. Our experience also includes consultancy in establishing companies for foreigners and foreign entities in the Czech Republic and in Germany.
  • trademark law and intellectual property law - Our law firm has a number of specialists on copyright and trademarks - both Czech and German lawyers, who specialise in the field of intellectual property law and copyright law. Due to its affiliate in Germany, our office is also able to act abroad. We also advise and represent our clients in disputes about trade marks.
  • insolvency law - We represent our clients in insolvency proceedings, namely to obtain their receivables from third parties. We are able to directly represent our clients in proceedings within the Czech Republic, Germany and the Slovak Republic.
  • international commercial law
  • competition law - Our lawyers have also experience in the area of competition law of both the Czech Republic and Germany. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with advice and strategies regarding the engagement on the Czech market as well as on foreign markets.
  • civil law - Our law firm provides legal services with elaborating and judging treaties and legal relationships according to the civil law of both the Czech Republic and Germany in Czech, German, English and French.
  • family law - On the field of family law, we are specialised in international family law, i.e. namely marriages with partners from different countries and the subsequent problems.
  • labour law - We are able to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in the fields of employment law and social security law. Our lawyers advise our clients on the preparation of management and employment agreements and other agreements between employers and employees. In the area of the statutory regulation of employment relations between employees and employers, we provide legal advice including selection of the appropriate law and jurisdiction to handle the relevant employment relationships, especially when foreign companies or foreign employees are concerned.
  • administrative law - In the field of administrative law, Allgaier, Jušta & Partner provides legal services mostly on the field of Czech building law as a part of comprehensive representation of all clients.
  • litigation - One of our law firm’s activities is the provision of comprehensive client representation in court and arbitration proceedings in the Czech Republic and as well as in Germany. We also represent our clients in administrative procedures and other problems with Czech and German authorities.
  • EU law - Our law office also provides legal services on the field of EU law.

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